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          1. Telecom Power Solutions

            Telecom Power Solutions2020-02-14T11:22:28+00:00

            Delta Powering Green Technology

            Telecom Power SolutionsDelta is a solutions provider for the telecommunications industry. The company provides power solutions to fulfill all kinds of applications.

            Cabinet solutions offer equipment a cool, dry and clean environment through versatile fan, heat exchange, air conditioner or even hybrid cooling solutions. Power solutions offer compact power systems through high efficient EnergE series power modules. The latest 97% rectifier helps to reduce operator’s OPEX and carbon foot print. Furthermore, the new solar power system helps telecommunication operators enter renewable energy realm and shows the responsibility for the environment. Site controllers offer intelligent telecommunication site management to utilize the energy more efficiently. Coordinating cooling and power solutions, Delta helps our customer to build a reliable, stable and economic service quality.

            Delta’s telecommunication power solutions provide worldwide and regional services. Through standard platform products and flexible design capability, Delta provides fast response to customer’s requirements.

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