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          1. Life at Delta

            Life at Delta2018-11-21T11:49:23+00:00

            People are our most important assets.
            Sharing wealth is an integral part of our philosophy for compensation and benefits.
            We offer multiple incentive scheme to attract, retain, develop, motivate talents we acquired.

            Employee Compensation

            We provide a variety of competitive compensation programs to motivate employees by aligning their personal contributions and company’s long-term team and company business goal. We are committed to pay-for-performance incentive programs executed thoroughly.

            Career & Learning Development

            We bring together the ideas of people from many nations every day, working across geographic and business boundaries to fulfill our clients’ needs. Your access to our resources and colleagues around the globe translates to opportunities, knowledge and experience.

            Learning Plans:

            Individual Development Plan :

            Multiple Learning Channels :

            On-the-Job Training Leadership Development Plan Varieties Channels
            Professional Training IDP Hybrid Learning
            New Hire Orientation / Leadership Training Job Rotation Project Assignment
            ? Oversea Assignment TAB