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          1. Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

            Data Center Infrastructure Solutions2021-04-19T06:49:18+00:00

            Delta Powering Green Energy

             data center infrastructure solutionsDelta InfraSuite
            Data Center Infrastructure Solutions
            Enterprise growth and IT equipment have become so closely linked that planning and building a high performance data room is one of the critical issues for IT managers today.

            With the core technologies of power electronics, the expert teams at Delta Electronics have developed a new generation of data center infrastructure solutions: InfraSuite.

            Delta InfraSuite includes power management, rack & accessories, and environmental management system.

             data center power management

            InfraSuite advantages

            • Modular design for quick and easy assembly
            • Scalability to match data center with enterprise growth
            • Optimized installation and operation costs
            • High efficiency, energy-saving power components for eco-friendly data rooms
            • Easy integration with all data room structures
            • A complete environmental management system for worry-free operations
             smart data center solutions

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