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          1. UNOnext Indoor Air Quality Monitor

            UNOnext Indoor Air Quality Monitor2020-11-06T05:10:30+00:00

            smart access control

            UNOnext not only has a detection function, but it can also independently link ventilation equipment or integrate with central air conditioning. When indoor air quality turns poor, UNOnext immediately sets off an alarm and introduces fresh air to eliminate the bad indoor air. The innovative design of UNOnext also earns extra points for LEED green building standards and WELL healthy building standards.


            • Accurately detects indoor air factors that are harmful to health. Comes with third-party laboratory inspection certificate, and provides annual calibration services
            • Plug and play, lets you quickly browse real-time indoor environment information
            • Provides historical data trend and index analysis, cloud data storage
            • Smart linked HVAC/fresh air system improves air quality

            System Structure:

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