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          1. Blog


            The need for Smart Grid to improve power efficiency

            The rising demand for the preservation of energy around the world has been at the forefront of the development of the smart grid infrastructure. The increasing role of renewable energy solutions

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            How reliable Cooling solutions can reduce PUE & improve DCIE

            A recent study stated that with more and more companies exploring the digital transformations of their business, India has been identified as the second fastest-growing digital economy

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            How is Delta UPS Solutions supporting business with Mission Critical applications and avoiding costly downtime

            The increasing role of digitization and business adopting new technologies is changing the business environment. Key learning from the pandemic impact has laid the emphasis on digital technologies

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            How is Data Center Infrastructure supporting 5G-enabled edge computing

            The Datacenter markets are evolving with new technology innovations and how customers are investing and managing the data center solutions. With the evolution of IoT devices and edge computing

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            Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a key pillar of energy transformation

            Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a significate pillar of energy transformation policies in the world. Implementation of robust energy efficiency solutions

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            Improving power quality to reduce emissions

            India is taking several steps to improve the quality of air with less carbon footprints and greenhouses emissions. As per the report, the country has implemented many energy efficiency programs that have resulted in electricity saving of worth 11.3.16 billion units in 2018-19

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            How Energy Management System can help in cost saving for businesses

            For every business to be a successful venture, it is important to stay focused on every element contributing to the cost. A major aspect of the expenditure on energy.

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            How will Smart Energy Solutions fulfill the power needs of businesses & industries

            Megatrends such as an increase in urbanization and climate change are driving the requirement of electrification and decarbonization. Further innovation in software and digitization is making grids smarter

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            Moving Ahead with rural electrification

            The government of India launched the ‘Saubhagya’ scheme in 2017 intending to supply electricity to all houses in rural areas and poor families in urban sections. It intends to expedite rural electrification, using both technology and dissemination of information

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            Integrated and Energy Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Smart Cities

            Today 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, but it is expected that by 2050 almost 70% of the world be part of metropolitan cities. This has raised the concern about how much pressure will be on city infrastructure

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            The increasing role of renewable energy in Railway Infrastructure

            As India is progressing towards achieving its renewable energy goals, various sectors are implementing resources to meet the growing power demands. Indian railways and urban metro rail systems are equally exploring options to increase reliability towards clean energy.

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            India’s progress towards Energy Efficiency

            Energy efficient is becoming essential globally with growing concerns towards climate change. The focus is to have more energy generation from renewable sources.

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            Energy Efficient Solutions can provide a sustainable future to MSME

            Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) industries in India have been great assets to socio-economic development contributing 29% towards GDP, 48% in export growth, and employing millions of people.

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            Enabling EV Charging Infrastructure in India

            The world is becoming sensitive towards climate change and adapting technologies and solutions that can accelerate resolutions to avoid further disruption to climate. Needless to say, the electric vehicle is one such solution.

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